"Bravissimo the argentinian soprano  Natalia Lemercier as Donna Anna..."

                                   Johnny Tepermann (Biochile) 2012

"Lemercier exalts la Boheme ... "Over everyone, both for vocal technique that for dramatic inspiration, the soprano Natalia Lemercier, who as a brilliant Musetta has shown great interpretative qualities based on an excellent singing technique ..."
                                          Lorenzo Tassi, L'eco di Bergamo (2005)

Natalia Lemercier


"The Argentinian-Italian Natalia Lemercier was a mischievous and wonderfully touching Adina ..."

                                                 Gianni Bartalini, Gazzettino (2006)

"Natalia Lemercier, Donna Anna, sang with secure and convincing voice acting, with enormous musicality in each of its Arias and ensembles ..."

                                                       Gilberto Ponce (Visiones Criticas) 2012

..."The Queen of the night aria, sung by the virtuosa Natalia Lemercier, inhuman, terrible mother, femininity all negative and time to darkness, reaches the inhuman and cold peaks like crystal plates ..."

                                                                 Samantha Russotto - ERBA magazine (2008)


..."the singing is bite but composed, the peremptory but austere gestures, as befits a Queen ..."
                                                                                                Musica Classica.it (2008)

"The coloratura of the Queen of the night come out easily as pearls of soprano Natalia Lemercier's throat ... "

                                                                          Rockenstein Press- Wurzburg (2007)


"Natalia Lemercier sings warmly the role of Corinna..."

                                                                       Patrizia Monteverdi (Operaclick) 2009


"...Corinna ,sing by Natalia Lemercier, is a "buffa" daughter of flowers dedicated to meditation and the soprano is lavish in her best yarns, with a refined and elegant singing side-by-side with a really funny character ...

                                                                               William Fratti (Operalibera) 2009

"The argentinian soprano Natalia Lemercier, was a convincing Lucrezia, his timbre is homogeneous and beautiful, without any difficulty for the coloratura and the high notes, with the addition of beautiful pianissimi and a great sense of drama, has converted his character into something totally believable by showing several character changes, agreements to the evolution of its role ...

                                                                                             Gilberto Ponce (Visiones Criticas) 2012

"Natalia Lemercier has a fresh and youthful voice that suits the coloratura demands and shines in the third over, without hesitating to some daring saves high notes..."

                                                                 Andrés Yaksic (Diario El Mercurio) 2012

"The voice of Natalia Lemercier fascinates already from the first sounds: a lovely voice, crystalline, and looks just as impressive on the dramatic fortissimo and pianissimo tragic ... She was a fresh and aristocratic Violetta ..."

                                                         Magmetal.ru (2013)

"The argentinian soprano Natalia Lemercier (Lucrezia) is planted firmly in a perfect singing style, unbeatable in accurate and crystalline high notes. She prevailed in a tender mother that facet opacò, certainly, any hint of wickedness or perversity. Her performance gave the body to a different Lucrezia ... "
                                                                                       Mario Cordova (lan.com) 2012

"On stage, shone, in every sense, the argentinian soprano Natalia Lemercier as the Countess, of sure musicality so that their airs have been approved by the public, especially the second, "Dove sono i bei momenti" ... with whom she reached the largest Ovation of the show" ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Operadesdehoy.blogspot.com.ar (2013)

"The standing ovation of the evening was for the Countess of Natalia Lemercier, gently sung and recited with a measured and elegant picardy... "

                                                           Luis Baietti  Operaintheworld (2013)

"The Countess of Natalia Lemercier found in the argentinian soprano a perfect  vocal interpreter and on stage. She felt the role and sent it to the public. She showed a first-order voice that has a smooth, great color and a voice timbre very attractive.  She shone in both beautiful Arias that Mozart gave his character, singing with such good taste that they were rewarded with enthusiastic applause. Another standing ovation of the evening for her, deserved a top-level job ... "

                                                                                                                                                                                        Christian Lauria Operaworld.es (2013)